30 sachets

Equikilon is a food supplement containing Resistant Starch from corn, Green Tea and Green Coffee extracts, useful for controlling or reducing body weight in overweight persons, through the synergistic action of its natural ingredients.

Equikilon contains ingredients supporting metabolism (Green Coffee), useful for maintaining the correct balance of bodyweight, intestinal functions and drainage of body liquids (Green Tea); such ingredients also exert an antioxidant action, hindering the formation of free radicals.


    Equikilon is a food supplement useful for combination with a balanced diet aimed at the control of bodyweight.


    Resistant starch from corn (Zea Mays), dry extract from Green Tea leaves (Camellia Sinensis) containing 40% EGCG, Green Coffee seed extract (Coffea Robusta) containing 45% CGA.


    Take one sachet before main meals (2 sachets per day are recommended). Pour the content of the sachet in an empty glass, pour water and stir until complete suspension of the product.


    Do not exceed the suggested doses. Keep out of reach of children below the age of 3. The use of the product should be combined with an appropriate, controlled diet, a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. Ask for medical advice in case of prolonged diet. Gluten free.



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